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The Will Robins

 Focusing On Effective.

This site is here to help you navigate the mine fields of how to make money by building your business, serving your customers, growing your business, and one day having recurring income.

In order to create the site I want this to be one day…

Then there has to be a standard that is imposed from the beginning. This means that as a reader you have to understand who I am and as a writer and person I have to focus on who I am writing to.

This might seem like a minor difference to many. To me this is drastically different than what I normally find on the internet. The typical greatness portrayed by the writer. The lack of openness and being truly open to even failures.

If you would like to know exactly what I am talking about. Go read the blog of Pat Flynn – SPI.

Except Start Here at his very first post.

When you read the posts where he is writing on ehow and then rethinks it. You see the ultimate information about why Pat Flynn is successful. Why he can have an income post that shows himself as a millionaire.

He is simply himself. People dig that. I dig that. Why would I write and be anyone different. It is told in his statement – Human Crash Test Dummy.

The Will Robins - Focus Effective


Here is the short list of things you will gain from this site:

  • You will read the adventures – The highlights and low points I travel to grow a “passive” income over 83k a month.
  • I will not tell you something to do unless I have experienced it myself.
  • I will follow my own rules and admit my faults, failures, and sacrifices those rules have caused.
  • I will guide you with a divine and greater purpose in mind. I will not lead you to a miserable existence with money and no one around you.
  • We will see progress. We may not be there today but through extreme focus, persistence, and character we will get there.
  • We will find out a lot of new information that will be extremely helpful.
    • Black Hat SEO
    • White Hat SEO
    • Sales Driven Business
    • Sales Techniques taught by millionaire closers
    • Business Process Management to become a super machine
    • Daily Habits to install that leap you into Making Money and Super Growth In Your Life And Business
    • Experiential Repetition – We will learn from our past and make habits a huge part of our success
  • Find the Ground… Then Learn Groud Up…
This Home Page serves as a constant reminder for myself, my readers, anyone that links to me, and the internet that there are great people looking for real information and do not need to be sold a bill of goods that are half as good as expectations set them up to be.

We will be loyal to those that show us that information, set the path, and invite us along.

We are persistent. We are courageous. We do exist. We are going to achieve…

 I hope you enjoy and feel free to reach out and let’s push forward together.

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